About Us

Darlene Vanchura, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

“Learn all your theories as well as you can but put them aside when you touch the miracle of a living soul.”

I love this quote by Carl Jung as it so well describes my approach. I am looking forward to helping you address your concerns. I am well experienced in working with PTSD, anxiety & depression with all ages (from age 3 – 93). In addition, we can work together to address parenting or relationship issues. Some issues resolve relatively quickly and some take more time. I am here to provide a safe environment in which personal growth can occur.

Listening carefully as one describes their experiences and inner world helps me learn more about how they see the world. I love working with people as we gain more understanding about the painful emotions and hopeful feelings that each of us experiences in our own unique way.

The cool part about therapy for me is the unique “contract” that underscores therapy – the contract in which we are focused on what you and/or your child need to achieve more peace and hopefulness in your life as we co-create a helping, healing environment. Isn’t it time?!!