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  1. Upcoming Conference in December 2015

    August 26, 2015 by Darlene Vanchura

    Mark Your Calendars! 

    I plan to present at the PSYCHODRAMA AND SOCIOMETRY Conference to be held on

    Thursday, December 3, 2015     6PM to 9PM

    Friday, December 4, 2015,          9AM to 4PM

    Location: Collin College – Preston Ridge Campus, Frisco, TX


    For More Information please send an email to     Darlene@VanchuraCounseling.Com   & I will be happy to provide more information! 


    Looking forward to seeing you There!!  Be Sure to Look Me Up!!


  2. Integrating Non – Directed Play Therapy & Psychodrama

    December 18, 2016 by darlene

    Article published in the Psychodrama Network News – Fall 2016


  3. Bridging Harts Psychodrama Conference 2014

    November 21, 2014 by darlene


    This post is to invite you to join us for our first Psychodrama Conference to be held on Friday December 5th, 2014. This event will be held at the Unity Church on Forest Lane in Dallas TX.

    The event will begin at 9:30 am until 4:00 pm.

    This event will be a day of creative learning taught by the current and previous Bridging Harts Psychodrama Community.  There will be workshops available for persons interested in learning about themselves (personal growth work) or persons interested in learning about Psychodrama.

    This event has very low fees in an effort to allow many people to attend !

    There is a reduced fee available until December 1st so registering now will ensure you the best price. Also the workshops will likely sell out, therefore, early registration will help you to get into the workshop that is your first choice.


    To register :

    If you have any questions about workshops and what to sign up for contact Katrena Hart at 

    Or 972-742-1040

    To read about the workshops:

    Event: The Gift of Psychodrama: Gratitude, Grace, and Giving Back

    Morning Workshops:

    The Basics: Doubling and Role Reversal
    with Stacie Smith, Karen Stone, and Alyssa Vaughn
    View Bios Page

    This experiential workshop will allow participants to gain understanding of utilizing the three types of role reversal used in psychodrama – Classical, Direct, and Satten Slide, as well as the technique of Doubling. Participants will have the opportunity to practice Doubling and Role Reversal with other members of the workshop.

    Daring Greatly
    with Sean O’Connell, Tom Bunch, and Susie Hair
    View Bios Page

    What dreams do you have inside that you have not shared out loud? What dreams do you envision for yourself? What would you daring greatly look like? What roles are you ready to give up? This session will make space for a small pieces work on roles group members dream of taking and what they would like to let go of to get there. Let’s dream big and have fun!!!

    An Invitation to Warm Ups: Helping Clients Prepare to Engage
    with Jamie Lambert, Shane Adamson, and Stephanie Coker
    View Bios Page

    Psychodrama is a form of therapy that encourages creativity and action. Sharing personal information in a therapy setting requires vulnerability. The practice of a “warm-up” in psychodrama is a safe and effective way to prepare for doing therapeutic work. The primary goal of the warm-up is to safely identify those who are ready to do some personal therapy work. This interactive workshop will demonstrate warm ups for various practice settings such as individual therapy, couples therapy and group therapy. Learn the basics of using and creating warm-ups for clients.

    Psychodrama in Individual Therapy: Psychodrama A Deux
    with Daniela Simmons, Burton Shepherd, and Melissa Cluff
    View Bios Page

    Although traditionally introduced and most commonly applied as a form of group psychotherapy, in our contemporary practice psychodrama is also widely used with individuals in a one-on-one setting, also known as “Psychodrama A Deux.” Participants will learn the technical differences between one-on-one psychodrama and group psychodrama; how the dramatization may be made viable in individual therapy and how a psychodramatic portion can be included in a regular session.

    Afternoon Workshops:

    Bibliodrama: Teaching Stories Come to Life
    with Jodi Greanead and Teresa Mallott
    View Bios Page

    Bibliodrama is an action-oriented method by which people are invited to experience the power of a story through dramatic exploration of one or more characters and viewpoints within the story. This workshop will provide an introduction to the use of Bibliodrama in group settings as an avenue for personal and spiritual growth. Participants will take away ideas for working with teaching stories utilizing action methods found in Psychodrama and Sociodrama and together we will unleash each person’s creativity, spontaneity, and inner wisdom.

    Once Upon a Psychodrama
    with Cathy Woodyard and Chi-Sing Li
    View Bios Page

    Feeling a bit like Pinocchio – struggling in the process of becoming real? Or more like Snow White, asleep and waiting for someone or something to bring you to life? Or can you really relate to Elsa, frozen in a role you can’t escape? Join us as we explore the fairy tale we are living out – and as we imagine the ending we want to create.

    Who’s In Your Head? – Increasing Self Understanding through Sociograms & Genograms!
    with Ruth Whitley and Darlene Vanchura
    View Bios Page

    Participants in this experiential workshop can expect to learn more about themselves and their internalized social environment through the use of the Psychological Social Atom. We will also present a powerful technique in how to use props and miniatures to aid clients in more fully describing the family dynamics they have experienced and internalized, with the hope that sharing in this way will result in feeling more understood by themselves and the therapist assisting in their healing process.

    EMDR and Psychodrama: Techniques to Treat Trauma
    With Janice Rogers and Mark Bird
    View Bios Page

    This workshop will marry the techniques of EMDR and Psychodrama with the identification and treatment of PTSD, addiction, grief, and other diagnoses in clients. Participants will observe a demonstration of EMDR & psychodrama utilized in individual therapy and participate in a mindfulness exercise.

    *To Pre-Register Click Here.

    We hope you will consider joining us!


  4. Who is Vanchura Counseling?

    June 16, 2013 by darlene

    Counseling is an exercise in self care!!

  5. Play is to Children as Talking is to Adults!

    January 24, 2013 by darlene

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!